Privacy Policy

Here, you will find all the information regarding the privacy policy of Before going ahead, please ensure that you read the policy thoroughly. We reserve the rights to change the Privacy Policy without any prior notification to the visitors. It is your responsibility to review the privacy policy from time to time. If you do not agree with the policy listed below, you can exit the website.

During your visit to the website, some data is extracted from your system. This data includes the cookies, personal information and information about the device. There can be other information that might be collected while you are using The data collection is also dependent on the ISP that you use. The data that is received by the host includes your name, email address, phone number, device type, usage information and cookies. In some instances, additional data may be extracted.

The data is used for multiple purposes; however, the primary usage of the information is to offer you with the promotional material. If you do not wish to receive the promotional material, ensure that you email us regarding the same. We will ensure that you are opted out of such emails and notifications. The data is also extracted to offer you a better experience while you are using the website. All the data is further analyzed by us to understand the usage pattern and the popularity of the website. For such analysis, we use the IP address, Date of visit, browser type used, device type used and time spent on the page.

The cookie information can also be used to display the advertisements on the page and to offer other types of interactive services. If you do not wish to share your cookies with us, you should edit the internet settingsof the internet browser and restrict them as per your needs. Please note that changing the internet settings may impact your experience, and some of the content may not load.

Lastly, talking about data transmission, we follow the local state policy, which states the guidelines for the proper usage and storage of the data. These policies help us in ensuring that we are compliant with the legal obligations of the land.  In some instances, the data is transmitted outside the international boundaries. The transmission only happens when any of the servers are located outside the country.You can write back to us if you need more information about data storage and transfer.

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