15 Most Common Mistakes Blender Beginners Make

Last updated on June 14th, 2023 at 07:15 am

Using a kitchen blender might appear an easy task unless we do not bother you with the wrong practice that you have been doing for several years. Yes, you have been doing it wrong! A blender helps you to finish your kitchen work as soon as possible. Whether you are a working person or not, nobody likes to get stuck in the kitchen work all day long!

These silly mistakes take up your extra time and effort. Therefore, we are going to list some very common mistakes that blender beginners make. Make sure that you keep these points in your mind the next time you use your blender:

1. Investing in a cheap quality blender

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Investing in a cheap quality blender is one of the biggest mistakes that you would ever commit. It will not yield the money that you probably invest in it. Rather, we recommend you to go for a budget good quality blender, that will give you satisfactory results.

2. You use it for blending edibles only

Yes, we agree that the primary purpose of a blender is to mix the edibles. However, there’s a lot more to the blender than these edible items. You can experiment with different types of skincare recipes by mixing organic skincare ingredients. Therefore, a blender also helps to enhance your natural glow.

3. Using it only for blending smoothies

Check the power of your blender. If it runs in a high power, and you use it only for blending smoothies & protein shakes, you are not utilizing the other functions. Most of the high-quality blenders for smoothies can efficiently mix ingredients like nuts, oats, rice, and even hot fluids. Make sure to follow the precaution tips listed below while blending hot food.

4. You are overfilling the jar

Overfilling the blender jar in many appliances can cause automatic shutting off of the device. It is a protective feature available in many high-quality blenders. Therefore, make sure you ideally fill your blender 75 % only. The rest of the 25% space should be left empty for the food to be processed.

5. You are changing the speed abruptly

Changing the blender speed from 0 to 5 or higher too fast will give you unsatisfactory results in the consistency of the ingredients. It can also put too much load in the blender motor causing its function to slow down eventually. Therefore, we recommend to rise the speed slowly, one after another.

6. Operating a blender with leaking lid

Operating a kitchen blender with a leaking lid can put you at severe risk. If you suspect any damage to your blender lid or gasket, make sure to repair it before using it the next time. It will harm your kitchen walls. Also, it can cause harm to your body.

7. You don’t use it for chopping veggies

You can use a blender to chop the vegetables as well. Many people fear to use the blender for vegetable grating/chopping due to injury. However, if your blender allows multifunctional use, you can readily chop green leafy veggies, carrots, onion, spinach, and many other veggies in it.

8. Overlooking the pulse feature

Many people never use the pulse feature that is now available in most of the kitchen blender. It allows you to blend the hard ingredients readily within few minutes. The high-speed rotating blade, due to the high power of the motor, is the primary contributing factor behind it.

9. Leaving the dirty blender uncleaned

Do not leave the blender unclean for several hours. It can cause a buildup of oily and sticky residues inside the jar. It will lead to the formation of stubborn stains & greasing over the blades. Improper functioning of blades can be the future of your blender. Therefore, clean it after every use. You can use mild dishwashing soap and warm water for cleaning.

10. Not removing the blender plug after use

Not removing the blender after use can cause accidental mishappenings. One can bump into the blender switch & turn it on. Switching it on without ingredients will stress the blades & cause damage to the appliance. It also ensures your safety & protects you from electric shock.

11. Using the blender without breaks

If you are using your kitchen blender continuously without any pause, the motor will be tired. Therefore, after running it for a few seconds, give a break of few seconds, and run again. It will eliminate the non-working blender problems.

12. Blending raw & cooked meals

Never use raw and cooked ingredients to blend inside the jar. Firstly, it will not give you the appropriate texture after mixing. Secondly, the taste will also not be delicious. Either you blend the raw ingredients or the cooked ones. Cooling the cooked ingredients is necessary before mixing.

13. Using too much liquid at once

Makes sure to use the ingredients in proper quantities. People often commit the mistake of using too much liquid at once. It will deteriorate the taste and quality of your shake/smoothie. No one likes to consume a watery smoothie resembling the consistency of juice.

14. Using the blender in a hurry

Never use a kitchen blender or personal blender in a hurry. Make sure to do a brief inspection of the blender before using it. If you suspect any damage to the jar, lid, base, or power cord of the blender, repair it with the help of a technician. After completing these steps, you are free to use the blender. It will keep you safe!

15. Blending the hot liquids with steam

If you are blending hot fluids in your blender frequently, thank to lord if you haven’t faced any problem till now. Make sure to keep the filler cup aside when using hot liquids in the blender. The build-up of the steam inside the jar can cause sudden gushing out of fluids. It could be extremely dangerous!


We hope that you will try to keep these points in your mind. It will give your blender a long-lasting life and a hassle-free operation without much repair issue to you.

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