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Last updated on June 14th, 2023 at 07:13 am

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Stick blenders are one of the handiest appliances ever created. They can be used to make delicious food recipes. People also use them to make milkshakes and protein shake. But did you know? You can also make sauces, purees, and even dips with such blenders. And even after being such amazing products, stick blenders are still available at a meager price. Additionally, this price also feels extremely low when you compare it to the costs of regular blenders.

For a healthy lifestyle, you can prepare different types of smoothie bowls with stick blenders. Smoothie bowls can be made with vegetables as well as fruits. You can also mix these two categories of food to have the desired taste. For breakfast, smoothies are a good source of energy and nutrients. Stick blenders are well known for this purpose. And it is safe to say that smoothie preparation is one of the main reasons why people are buying this type of blender a lot these days.


Affiliate links are used for each product that I am an affiliate of, which means that if you click that link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you.

Best Buy Stick Blenders Reviews

Hence, today, I thought of bringing to the readers the ten best stick blenders for the money launched with the latest features in the year 2021. I must now start discussing their features and describing them in detail one by one for you –

1. Mueller Austria Stick Blender

Mueller Austria Stick Blender

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When one thinks of stick blenders, the name of the company Mueller Austria is the first that comes to the mind. The reason for this can be many such as – the company’s authenticity, quality offers, and service offers. But for me, it is the design of their products. Hence, I have an urge to add the ultra stick blender to this list anyhow. When you are thinking of blending ingredients continuously, a stick blender that keeps slipping from your hands is a big no-no. However, that slippage never happens with this product. It allows you to have a good grip for a long time while you are busy blending your favorite ingredients in a vessel or a jar.

You can turn it on and work with it continuously. And guess what. Its motor will still never give up. The quality of the product is European, but the guarantee is American. Hence, you can buy this stick blender without even having a single doubt on its quality. Since its motor is made from copper, it is going to last more than any other motors of stick blenders. It is a 500 Watt product, and you can control its speed in 9 settings. With the Mueller Austria stick blender, you will also get a milk frother and whisk. To understand the usage of these extra pieces tries referring to the manual that comes with the stick blender.

2. KOIOS Stick Blender

KOIOS Stick Blender

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Let us now arrive at the discussion of the 800 Watt titanium-reinforced stick blender by the company KOIOS. This fantastic stick blender can be controlled at 12 different speeds. Hence, be it butter, yogurt, or cake batter, you will be able to blend everything with a single appliance. For more exceptional results in your ingredients, you can also switch to the turbo speed. However, since this speed is very high, make sure you only put it on if you are well aware and know all the precautions on how you can use the blender without accidents. One of the unique things that you can do with this product is whisking and beating eggs.

This way, you can make your favorite omelets right at your home. You can even try and make an egg wash for frying your chickens well in the oil. Other than that, you can whisk eggs for your favorite pastry and cake recipes. The product is a 4 in 1 set; hence you will get three additional attachment pieces with the stick blender. These pieces are a food chopper, mixing beaker and whisk attachment. Use them to their full extent for particular ingredients and prepare dips and dishes without anyone else’s help. Also, the mixing beaker is made from BPA free material; hence you do not need to worry about food safety when the food you want to mix is inside it.

3. Cuisinart Stick Blender

Cuisinart Stick Blender

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Cuisinart is a leading company better known for manufacturing appliances that find their best uses in the kitchen. Hence, a list of any kind of kitchen appliances can’t be completed if at least one of their product isn’t mentioned. I genuinely like their CSB-76BC stick blender; hence I am going to discuss the features of it here. The finish of this product is lovely, as it has a smooth and brushed design. You can select the color of your blender from metallic red, white and brushed chrome. Out of these three color options, the white option will cost you a little more as it is in trend these days. But if you cannot afford it, you can also use the brushed chrome version if you are buying the stick blender for domestic purposes.

The best part about this stick blender is that it is a 200 Watt appliance, which means that it consumes less power compared to other stick blenders. Its blades are so effective that they help in blending everything into excellent consistency and texture. The product also has a protective guard so that no splatter occurs in your kitchen. Additionally, the Cuisinart 200-W blender also has a very lightweight design. This way, its user can use it with a single hand without any strain or pain. It is a small blender, but it comes with a warranty for a limited period of 3 years. You will also like the cup that comes with it. The appliance can easily be controlled with the push of button controls on it.

4. Chefman Stick Blender

Chefman Stick Blender

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With this stick blender, you will receive blades and a shaft made from stainless steel. No doubt, both of these attachments are very sturdy and robust. You can also select the color of your stick blender from 14 different colors. Hence you will find bright as well as not-so-bright color options. Whatever color you choose and like totally depends on you. Thus, I am not going to suggest any particular color that you must buy. After all, it will be your stick blender, and only you are going to use it. The motor of this stick blender is of 300 Watts. This wattage is neither low nor high. The blender will prove to be the right choice when it comes to the amount of energy it consumes and requires for its operation.

The overall grip of the blender is soft. There are two furrows at its top part where you can comfortably rest your palm and fingers. Even when your hands are wet or sweaty, they will still never slip from the appliance. You can control the product is two different speeds. Even when the number of speeds is not too much, you will still be able to blend most of the regular ingredients with this hand mixer. Its price is highly economical and practical at the same time. Many people have claimed this stick blender to be one of the most affordable and reliable options. You can crush frozen fruits, blend cake batter, and even make smoothies with this superb stick blender by Chefman.

5. KitchenAid Stick Blender

KitchenAid Stick Blender

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This is a two-speed stick blender that has a cranberry-colored design. But if you don’t want this bright color, you can also look up at the other 14 color options. The blending arm of the product is six inches long. It has fixed blades, which means that they cannot be removed from the arms. Additionally, the arm can be fit very quickly to the main body of the stick blender. It also gets locked so that it does not come off while you are using the appliance. The blades on the arm are shaped like an S.

This shape is the reason why this stick blender is very useful in blending many kinds of food ingredients. You can prepare baby foods, soups, milkshakes, and even smoothies with this appliance. When you wish to work with a stick blender continuously, it is essential to see if the blender has a non-slip grip. In this product, such a hold is present. Therefore, it won’t slip from your palms as it allows your fingers to have enough grip over the stick blender that too for a long time. You will also receive a BPA free jar that you can use for blending. This blending jar has the capacity of 3 cups, which is enough for preparing a glass of milkshake or smoothie.

6. Braun Stick Blender

Braun Stick Blender

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This quick multi blender by Braun is now going to discuss on number five of this list of best stick blenders. It has a black design, and its shaft and blades are made from stainless steel of very high quality. You will also find a blending jar and whisk with this stick blender in your product package. For added power, during blending, you can switch the turbo boost. But be extremely careful while you are doing so. For fine and fast results, try moving the blender along the center of the ingredient container. This way, you will blend even large chunks very smoothly and effectively. The attachments can all be put on the body of the stick blender very quickly. When you wish to take them out, you just have to press the easy click release button.

Hence, with just one click, the attachment will come out easily. You can then wash them at your sink for sanitation and future food safety. The blades on the blender arm are shaped like a bell. Due to this design, all the ingredients get mixed. And, there is no splatter of a mess ever found on the kitchen countertop. Use the whisk for mixing eggs because that way, you get better results. Its spokes are very durable, and you will never notice any sharp points on it. Sharp points on a whisk design can cut your fingers or scrape your skin while you wash it. Such accidents never happen when you own the MQ505 stick blender by Braun.

7. OVENTE Stick Blender

OVENTE Stick Blender

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This is one of the few stick blenders in the market that is loved for its functionality and life by hundreds of people. If you live in America, it can be brought to your doorsteps in just a week or even lesser than that. The red design of this product is stunning and bright. But you can also buy the white or the black variant as they are equally impressive. The product has a sensor that can be activated with a pulse. So, you will always have finely blended food on your bowl or glass. Many people like to make vegetable and fruit smoothies with this stick blender.

But you can also use to make shakes and baby food with it. You can even prepare delicious soups in just a few minutes with this appliance. There are two levels of speeds in it: low and high. You can control them using the buttons on the appliance. The entire housing of the appliance is great. It is also heavy-duty and compact. For cleaning, you can wash the blender shaft in the dishwasher. Its price is also low, so many people across the country can easily afford it. The stainless steel used in making the blades of this stick blender is of grade-304. Such high graded steel will only make the appliance last longer throughout numerous years.

8. Auxcuiso Stick Blender

Auxcuiso Stick Blender

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This light blue stick blender is one of the most aesthetic and good looking stick blenders that I have come across while I made this list. As an additional attachment, the buyer will get a whisk that they can use to beat eggs effectively. Its motor is of 500 Watts and can be used to control the appliance in 8 speeds. You can also use this stick blender as an immersion blender in large vessels and pots. It will help you make and enhance the taste of different types of curries and lentils. Additionally, since the motor is made from copper, it will last years without being damaged or stopping.

The Auxcuiso stick blender also has an auto shut off feature. Such features are not usually seen in stick blenders, which is why this stick blender is truly special and highly effective. Its entire performance is very versatile, and you can control it very easily. If any damage occurs to the appliance, buyers can easily claim the warranty that comes with the product. You can also reach out to the amazing and friendly customer service provided by the company. This stick blender is also certified by the ESL and hence is safe for blending all types of foods such as frozen fruits, veggies, milk, oats, and even cake batters.

9. YISSVIC Stick Blender

YISSVIC Stick Blender

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This is a 4-in-1 stick blender product where you will get a stick blender, a whisk, and two blending jars. Out of the two, one of the jars can be used as a chopper. Both of them are made using BPA-free materials. You can try and mix many types of veggies and fruits in them. Making purees and sauces is also very easy with this set. But you also got to know that the product is a 1000 Watt appliance. This amount of power consumption is huge. Hence you must be careful with how many times you use it in your house per day. There are also nine levels in the speed control of this product.

Therefore, while you use it, you can decide the blade speed from many levels to reach the desired consistency as well as texture in the food. All the mouth-watering flavors will always be preserved in the food if you own this stick blender. Whether it is your favorite broccoli soup or protein shake, you will love using this stick blender every day in your kitchen. If you are in a huge hurry, you must use the chopper that comes in the set. With that, you can chop veggies like onion and tomatoes in just a few seconds. For saving time, this is the best stick blender set. Additionally, the jars have a high capacity to blend and chop a large number of food ingredients.

10. New House Kitchen Stick Blender

New House Kitchen Stick Blender

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There are four colors that this stick blender is available in. These colors are – ivory, turquoise, red, and black. All four are priced at the same rate. Therefore, you can choose anything you like without worrying about the price. All your blending tasks will be finished very quietly with this noise-free stick blender by the company New House Kitchen. Once you buy it, you will also get a hassle-free warranty of one year. Any inconvenience you have with the appliance can be easily tackled with the help of this warranty. The blades of the stick blender are extraordinarily sharp, but you can wash them in your dishwasher if you want to.

However, you must choose the top rack for this purpose. The overall appliance consumes the power of 300 watts. To be honest, this wattage is enough for a small appliance like a stick blender. Furthermore, you can use it in pitchers, pots as well as pans. You can even make vegetable and fruit purees with this fantastic product. Since the stick blender only weighs 2.35 pounds, it is elementary to handle. Additionally, its dimensions are – 7.68 X 4 X 6.13 inches. Such compact size allows you to store the overall appliance even in tiny spaces and shelves in your kitchen. Many people also love storing it in their deep kitchen drawers.

How to Choose the Best Stick Blender?

After learning about the top ten Stick Blenders, you might have this question that, how I made this arrangement. Apparently, there is something I am giving priority over the other ones. Let’s have a look at essential aspects and the priority list

Power: Every manufacturer mentions the power of hand blender in terms of watts. You can consider how much watt a stick blender is. Usually, a 300-watt typical household stick blender is enough to fulfill the basic need and provide enough power to blend veggies, fruits, and more. Making smoothies and shake seems easier with such power, but you can look for higher power for excessive usability and a better experience.

Most stick blenders provide rotation speed of 15,000 RPM to 25,000 RPM, which can easily fulfill all the basic needs. You can look for a higher power to enhance the workflow, but if you want something basic, then lower power is enough for ordinary household use. Reputed manufacturers offer 15,000 RPM among most of their products, and it will be a reliable option.

Build Quality: The plastic casing is helpful to keep you safe from getting electrocuted, and if you want something safer, then there are other materials also. After that, you have to look after blades because they are important for the durability factor. Most manufacturers prefer high-grade stainless steel to provide better durability. Blades sharpness doesn’t fade, and you can expect better durability from such products, which will be helpful.

Convenience: The primary factor you should be considering is grip over the stick blender. It should be comfortable to hold, and the buttons must be easy to press. If you are having a problem while using a stick blender due to excessive weight or thickness, then it might be unsafe. A lightweight stick blender is easy to use, provide higher convenience, and seems reliable for every user.

Noise Level: One should consider a stick blender, which offers silent working or tolerable noise. A stick blender with supreme power but excessive noise is a bad choice. Due to this, the manufacturer mentions noise level, and you can check it out on your own. Reviews can help you know about noise and such other factors so that you can avoid products which are making excessive noise and it will be a better option for sure.

Warranty and After-Sale services: Always consider a brand that provides a warranty of one year or more. A product with no warranty might be the wrong choice because cheap quality stick blender stops working after a short period. In such cases, you have to a new one. So, always choose reputed brands which provide a warranty. The next factor is to learn about after-sale services so that you can get the stick blender repaired in case of having any problem.

Customer Feedback and Suggestions: Instead of directly buying a product that seems attractive, always check plenty of reviews. It doesn’t matter how reputed a brand is; checking customer feedback allows you to narrow down the list and to figure out a great product. You can also take suggestions from friends or family who recently bought a stick blender. This method always works, and it is preferred by those who want to avoid the hustle.

That is all I had for you in the Guide. I hope you read everything carefully before sticking to any stick blender on the list.

How To Clean and Care Stick Blender

Cleaning a stick blender –

Step 1: Pick the beaker that came with the blender. If you did not get a beaker, then pick the mug or jar that you use with the stick blender.

Step 2: Fill the beaker/jug/mug with 1 cup of warm water. The temperature of the water should not be high. Lukewarm water should be adequate.

Step 3: Into the water in the beaker/jug/mug add a half teaspoon of dish wash soap. Mix the solution well, if possible shake the beaker/jug/mug to mix it.

Step 4: Now, immerse the stick blender into the beaker/jug/mug and then turn on the blender. Start with the lowest speed and then increase the speed to maximum step by step within a period of 2-minutes.

Step 5: Remove the blender from the beaker or jug, then check if the blades are clean.

Step 6: If the blades are still dirty, you need to pick a toothbrush or any small cleaning brush, a narrow brush could be the best option. Soak this brush in dish wash soap and then use it to scrub the blade. If possible detach the wand from the motor shaft and then clean it.

Step 7: Once you are done cleaning the blade, you need to use a dry cloth (Microfiber) to wipe the blade and the shaft to dry it. Wipe them carefully, do not leave any water droplets on the shaft or blades.

Step 8: Now, with a moist cloth or sponge you need to wipe the wand to clean the housing. Be careful not to allow any water droplet to seep into the housing, this could destroy the motor and the circuits.

Step 9: After cleaning the wand, you need to use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the wand. Assemble the blender and then store it in a dry place.

Caring a stick blender –

  1. All stick blenders are not designed in the same way, some have wands that could be detached from the motor housing. Such stick blenders should be cleaned after detaching the wand from the motor housing.
  2. A stick blender should be cleaned after each use. Do not store or leave the stick blender without cleaning after use.
  3. Always add an adequate quantity of water while blending. Do not try to blend food materials dry.
  4. Always clean the stick blender only after unplugging it from the power source.
  5. There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to stick blenders, you need to understand them first before using the blender. Do not use the stick blender for heavy-duty blending.
  6. If the residue and stain do not come off easily while scrubbing, you could try soaking the blades in warm water for 3 or 5-minutes and try scrubbing again.
  7. Motor housing of all the stick blenders would not be waterproof, therefore, you need to wipe to dry your hands before using the stick blender.

Stick Blenders Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the stick blenders equally versatile as other types of blenders?

Stick blenders are a great tool to have at home when you are looking for a more portable and handy option than numerous other types of blenders. These blenders are easier to store and handle. So, if you were looking for such a blender for your kitchen, the stick blenders are going to be a great choice to go with. However, they are not as versatile as the countertop on portable blenders and have limited features too. But if you were looking for a blender that can be used for smaller utensils and that doesn’t need any necessary accessory, stick blenders are the best one for you to go with.

  • Should we go with an expensive stick blender?

Stick blenders are meant for basic blending. However, there are still many models available in the market that differs in price and features. If you are looking for a more feature-rich and efficient stick blender that has all the required accessories and attachments, you should opt for good quality and expensive stick blender for your kitchen.

  • Can we change the blade of a stick blender?

Yes. Almost all stick blenders come with the removable blending attachments and you can use the required one according to your needs. The sticks or the blending blades can easily be cleaned off in running water. So, if you are looking for a perfect blender that is easier to use and can be cleaned easily, the stick blender is going to be a perfect choice for you.

  • Should I go with a corded or cordless stick blender?

The stick blenders come in two different variants, corded and cordless. The cordless ones have relatively lesser power but you get the best mobility and performance. On the other hand, the corded stick blenders are adequately powered and offer better value for the money. Also, the cordless stick blenders can be a worthy item to consider for those buyers who travel a lot and want a blender that they can keep with them while traveling.

  • Can I use accessories from other types of the blender with the stick blender?

This depends on the brand of blender you use. The blenders from the same brands can use a similar set of accessories and there are chances that you can use the accessories with both the blenders. However, it is not recommended as it can severely damage the locking system of the blender, which will cost you a lot.

  • How to clean stick blenders properly?

Stick blender may seem hard to clean and maintain. But as the blades are removable, you can easily get rid of all the mess created while blending. Most stick blenders have washable heads and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the blenders even if you are using them for the first time. Just remove the blades and wash them properly with warm water. Also, you can use the damp cloth to clean the body of the blender.


If you have read all the things carefully, you might have realized that stick blenders can be one of the most used and well-loved appliances in your kitchen. Consumers don’t even think twice before buying them because they are affordable yet effective at their jobs. But with huge variety comes great confusion. Therefore, to filter your search for this appliance, I decided to prepare a well-described list of the top ten stick blenders. Whatever I have added here is well rated by buyers across America. You will never have a problem with their quality. Most of them also come with a warranty. Hence, in cases of any inconvenience, you can claim the warranty and get a brand new replacement of the stick blender.

If you do not want the replacement, you can request your money as a refund and simply return the appliance to the seller.


Affiliate links are used for each product that I am an affiliate of, which means that if you click that link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you.

This product list contains affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase.

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