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A bullet blender is a breakfast appliance for many people. Do you want to know why? Well, it is because it is advantageous when you use it to make juices and milkshakes. It is also helpful when one wants to have beverages at home. And if you are lucky and own a tough-job blender, you might be able to blend coffee beans. Many people also love to mince herbs in these blenders. They are easier to wash than any other blenders because their jars separate from the blade. Hence, the cleaning-scrub does not get stuck on the blades at all.

Sometimes they come with a single jar/bottle. Other times they come in a multiple piece set. Large families can use the sets, while the individual appliance units can be used by people living alone. They are the ultimate solution to spice and smoothie blending. Many people also love preparing guacamole, hummus, and other spreads that they like putting on their pieces of bread. With bullet blenders, your mornings will become extremely easy. If you are parents, you can also make baby food in them in just a few minutes. And if you are craving hot soup, you can do all the prep using these appliances.

Therefore, I prepared a list of the top rated budget bullet blenders for you to buy. Let us discuss them in detail for you to make a selection from ten different well-functioning bullet blenders.


Affiliate links are used for each product that I am an affiliate of, which means that if you click that link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you.

Best Buy Budget Bullet Blender Reviews

1. NutriBullet Bullet Blender

NutriBullet Bullet Blender

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There’s so much to tell when it is about the NutriBullet Bullet Blender. But let’s talk about its speed first. This NBR 1201 blender has 12 pieces in a single set. Hence, you can use it as a mixer as well as a blender. The additional accessories include blades, jars, and lids of different sizes. If one jar is lying in the sink, you can simply use the one that isn’t dirty. This blender will, therefore, allow you to multitask with great ease in your kitchen. You can buy it for commercial as well as domestic purposes. The two colors that you can choose the set from are: gray and black. However, the black version is costlier, so many people decide to buy the gray version of this bullet blender.

Once you have it in your kitchen, you will be able to prepare nutrient-packed smoothies in just a few minutes. You can also add whole foods such as nuts and seeds to enhance your smoothie’s energy value. It is a 600 Watt product, so the user can use it as many times as he/she wants to. If you are out of recipes, you can also pick the recipe booklet that comes with this set. It is filled with many advanced recipes to help you have a different tasting yet healthy dishes and drinks every day. The one year warranty that comes with the product can be claimed for damages and defects in the blender. This is one of the most effective bullet blenders that meets the standards of many kitchen electrical appliances.

2. Magic Bullet Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Bullet Blender

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Once you decide to purchase this set, you will see that it contains 13 pieces. These pieces are jars, rings, and lids. Use all of them effectively by referring to the user manual. You can also watch many videos on the internet that explain how you can correctly use each piece. These videos are very easy to find because the product is hugely famous and trendy. You can do whipping, blending, chopping, and mixing with just this single set. How excellent is that? Its base can withstand high torque, and the appliance operates at 250 Watts. When you compare this wattage to other bullet blenders, you will find that it is extremely low. Hence, this bullet blend set will be the best purchase if you use it for commercial purposes.

At places like cafés and food courts where blenders are used continuously, this blender will be very useful. This is because it won’t consume high power and yet work very well without getting damaged or requiring repairs. For blending vegetables that are not pulpy, I advise you to add some water. Water will smoothen the texture and help you achieve the desired consistency at all times. The cups/jars that come in the set are made with extreme precision. They also never break or crack easily because they can withstand high impacts. Making sauces and dips will be very easy in these jars. One fact that elates me the most is that these cups can be washed with hands as well as in the dishwasher of the kitchen.

3. Oster Bullet Blender

Oster Bullet Blender

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You might have seen many bullet blenders, but have you ever come across one that directly comes with a bottle for blending? Well, this Oster blender product is just that. Instead of jars, you will get a bottle that you can fit on the blender’s base. Whatever you put in, the bottle will get blended after you lock it on and cover the lid tightly. Don’t worry about filling the ingredients because the mouth of this bottle is wide. What I love the most is that the lid of this bottle also comes with a spout. Therefore, if you have prepared a shake or smoothie in it, you can quickly drink it by using the spout. There are also five color options that you can choose the bullet blender from.

All five colors are very bright and lovely. Hence, go with whatever you like more. They also do not have a massive difference in their price, so you will be able to afford each one if the base price is in your budget. The performance, durability, and versatility of the blender are equally commendable. It will also be an excellent product for people who are gym freaks and gym-goers. This is because you can prepare your protein and creatinine shakes directly in the bottle and be on the go. This bullet blender comes with a satisfaction guarantee of three years and a limited warranty of one year. You can read the manual to exactly know how you can claim both of these provisions easily.

4. Ninja Bullet Blender

Ninja Bullet Blender

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There are thousands of buyers of this Ninja bullet blender. And guess what? All of them have loved it. Their love for the product directly resonates from their reviews and ratings on various e-commercial sites of the country. There are no useless its and bits in the build of this product. It comes in a single design that consists of gray and black parts. The jar that fits on top has a capacity of 18 ounces. Therefore, this is the type of bullet blender that is suitable for a person who is single or lives alone. However, you must be aware that it consumes 900 Watts of power. That may feel a bit high to some people, but I think it is okay because that power is used by the effective motor of the bullet blender.

It can break down the toughest of ingredients. Additionally, all the parts are BPA free. This is one of the few factors that is important to many people. Some people also search for dishwasher, safe kitchen appliances. Well, this bullet blender is that too. However, you should always choose the top rack for cleaning and washing purposes as the product requires gentle wash. You can control the speed of the appliance using the buttons at the blending base. The speed also constitutes one manual program. It is a powerful appliance that will extract all the nutrients from the food and preserve it. Whether it is skins, seeds, or ice, everything will get easily crushed and blended using this bullet blender.

5. BELLA Bullet Blender

BELLA Bullet Blender

Buy From Amazon

No Bullet Blender list is ever finished without the inclusion of a BELLA Bullet Blender. Hence, I am now going to discuss the BELLA 13586 Personal Bullet Blender by them. Its shell is made from stainless steel, which is why it is much more durable than other bullet blender shells as you may already know that stainless steel does not rust or corrode. Hence, going with such bullet blender options will always be a good choice for consumers. Like many other bullet blender sets, this product also has various pieces. These pieces are 12 in number and include different blades, jars, rings as well as lids. You can use all of them depending on the type and amount of food ingredients. If you think that 12 pieces won’t be enough for you, you can use the 15-piece set of the same product.

All food ingredients get liquefied and emulsified in a few seconds when they are blended in this bullet blender. If you are ever fancying a smoothie or shake while you are in the market but cannot afford it, do not get disheartened because you can make them easily using this ultra power and supreme bullet blender. And did you know? You can also make tasty guacamole and hummus with this appliance. It will prove to be a convenient solution in the hectic life of its buyers. It works at 700 Watts of power consumption and is very useful in pulverizing spices as well as hard foods. If you like making your coffee, you would be surprised that this product can also be used to blend coffee beans.

6. Hamilton Beach Bullet Blender

Hamilton Beach Bullet Blender

Buy From Amazon

Whether it is milkshakes or vegetable smoothies, you can prepare everything with this bullet blender. It comes in six colors to choose from, and the jar can be taken with you like a bottle. You can read hundreds of product reviews and positive feedback from the purchasers of this appliance once you access this product on the internet. The travel jar/cup has a capacity of 14 ounces, which is sufficient for single-person use. What I like and appreciate the most about this bullet blender is its compact design. It is why it can be stored on shelves, cabinets, and drawers without any difficulty. The portability of the travel jar is so high that you can take your smoothies and juices with you at your gym as well as your workplace.

The motor of the blender is highly efficient, and it works at 175 Watts. It is one of the most reliable bullet blenders in the market. If you are tired of looking at bullet blenders that have prices that reach skies, then buying this appliance by Hamilton Beach will impress you anyhow. It will last at your home for many years. The chances are that it is going to last decades if you do not use it too harshly. Additionally, if you use a non-abrasive detergent for cleaning it, you might even preserve its finish and look for those years. You can also try and make mocktails and cocktails in this blender as it has the power and ability to crush ice cubes and pieces.

7. Cuisinart Bullet Blender

Cuisinart Bullet Blender

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This is a 350 Watt bullet blender by Cuisinart. It comes with an ultra-sharp blade design made using stainless steel material. There is also a provision of a sleek electronic touchpad on the appliance so that you get better blending control. There are also many exclusive features, such as safety interlock, standby mode, and auto-stop. Not many of these features are seen all together in a bullet blender, but this appliance conclusively proves that supposition wrong. The touchpad is highly sensitive, so you won’t have to touch it again and again. You will also notice LED lights on the appliance that help in operating the blender in an even better way.

The overall design of the blender is streamlined so that it blends well without any stoppage. You can mince many food items, such as herbs and spices. Other than that, you can also try grinding and chopping different fruits and veggies in this appliance. There are many cups and jars that come with it. So, use the one that will fit any of your particular requirements. There is also an inclusion of a travel cup in the set of this product. You can use it to carry shakes and smoothies with you when you are outdoors. People who travel a lot to reach their workplace will get highly benefitted with this travel cup. It will allow them to fill their stomachs when they are on trains or buses.

8. NutriBullet Bullet Blender (Black)

NutriBullet Bullet Blender (Black)

Buy From Amazon

This is the second NutriBullet Bullet Blender here on the list. And let’s be honest, this company deserves more than one spot. Their bullet blenders are functional and affordable. Many of them have proved to be a blessing for people who are unable to afford these appliances. But when you are buying this option, you must be clear that it has a 1700 Watt motor. Hence it is more suitable for personal uses more than use at a business spot. Additionally, more than the required uses of the product will simply make you pay more money in the monthly electricity bill. Hence, buy these only when you have this factor in the mind.

The operation is hands-free so that you don’t have to press the jar on the blending base. The short cup and pitcher than come with the bullet blender are of different sizes. The former has a capacity of 30 ounces while the latter has 1 Liter capacity. Hence, the pitcher is very useful when planning a party or getting together with friends and family. You can also run the appliance for heating cycles. Such heating cycles will help you warm sauces and soups. The blender meets the electrical standards of the USA as well as Canada. Hence, its operation is very safe. It has an auto-start and auto-stop functionality that has impressed many of its buyers and consumers across America. This is the main reason why I thought of adding it here.

9. CHULUX Bullet Blender

CHULUX Bullet Blender

Buy From Amazon

Before discussing anything else, let us know that this bullet blender consumes 1000 Watts of power. But it can blend anything literally. The two additional jars that come with it have a capacity of 15 and 32 ounces, respectively. You will be able to blend many types of juicy, as well as non juicy frozen fruits in it. The blades are constructed in such a way that they blend everything and still don’t create high and unwanted noise. One of the bottles can also be used as a travel cup where you can carry your smoothies. If you are a parent, you can also use it to carry baby food for your kids. Many people have loved making cranberry sauce in it, so do not forget to try making that once you buy this appliance.

Ice and vegetables only require 30 seconds for blending. But if you do not reach the desired texture, you can also go on further. The wear-resistant blade will allow you to use the bullet blender for years to come. I also like how its overall operation is one touch, and you only need to press the sensitive buttons for that. The bottom has suction cups so that slipping never occurs. This way, you will never let the ingredients fall on the floor or your kitchen countertop and platforms. The additional cups are made using BPA free Tritan. They are very thick and also have spout lids on them. Furthermore, if you have used the appliance for a long time, the jars won’t rotate so that burning of the blender can be prevented.

10. Ranbem Bullet Blender

Ranbem Bullet Blender

Buy From Amazon

This product is better known for being a small smoothie maker, but you can also make your favorite milkshakes and beverages. However, you should never use it for blending hard ingredients such as coffee beans, seeds, and dry spices. If you do, the bullet blender will simply give up. Since it comes with a 20-ounce bottle, it is enough to be used by an individual. Like many other bullet blender bottles, this bottle can also be used as a travel bottle. The appliance operates at 300 Watts and hence will never cause a spike in bills. You can use it as many times as you want. Just make sure that you do not make the motor burn. The bottle is BPA free and leakproof. You can also use it to simply carry water or juices.

It will fit in most of the handbags and shoulder bags. However, I advise you to wash it after each use; otherwise, you will just be jeopardizing the safety of the food you keep in it. For better cleaning, you can also use a germ-free cleaning detergent solution. The entire working is based on the single-touch operation. It is a great bullet blender for even and effective food blending. If you want to make guacamole or hummus in this, then this product is not for you; because it cannot take such tough ingredients. Except for the base that has the motor, you can put everything in the dishwasher when you are too busy to wash the blender parts with your hands.

How to Choose a Bullet Blender

There is never a single factor that must be kept in mind when trying to buy a bullet blender. These factors are always multiple. But what are they? If you have such questions regarding these factors, try reading the brief buying guide below. Here I have mentioned everything that I consider while buying blenders such as bullet blenders. Let us discuss now –

Power Consumption of the Blender: There are many choices in bullet blenders, but it is safe to say that it will be right for you to buy the one that has power consumption units in a certain range. This range lies between 300 – 1500 Watts. Unfortunately, if the blender consumes any more power than this, it won’t be good for your monthly budget. You should try not to ignore this aspect in any situation, especially when you are buying the product for commercial uses. You can also try checking the voltage requirements as different countries have different house-voltage-supply.

Price of the Bullet Blender: Generally, bullet blenders are used in making sauces, dips, and smoothies. If the ingredients are tougher than veggies or fruits, they will simply decrease the lifespan and blend-ability of the product. This is because bullet blenders are not supposed to do such heavy tasks. But you are also going to come along the ones that can do such types of heavy blending. However, these are going to cost you more. Hence be clear with the amount of money you will spend.

Feedbacks and Reviews: Many kitchen appliance companies are well known to take feedbacks from buyers very positively. These companies are the ones that thrive on making their blenders better and better. If you watch any company practicing it, you will know that they care about their customer base. They keep improving their bullet blenders with time and hence have positive reviews time after time. You can read their product reviews with the help of the internet. The reviews will truly resonate with the quality of the product. Read them carefully whenever you wish to buy a bullet blender from a certain company.

Warranty and Guarantee: The service of a company can be genuinely rated if they provide a guarantee and warranty on their products. In the list given above, I have mentioned many companies that offer these provisions. With that, you can get your product replaced and exchanged easily. These provisions are easy to claim, but you must still be aware of the entire process and get details as soon as you receive a product. If you wish to have a long-term bullet blender, you need to look up at the time of the warranty and guarantee offered with the items.

The number of pieces and Special Features: the pieces and accessories that come with the bullet blender include: extra jars, rings, and lids. Some bullet blenders also come with a travel bottle that you can take when you are outdoors. However, it is unnecessary to buy a set with more pieces if you live alone. Hence, only make such purchases when you live in a big family. Also, try reading the special and distinctive features of each bullet blender. Try making comparisons or every other factor and only then come to your final result.

How To Clean and Care Bullet Blender

Cleaning a bullet blender –

Step 1: Setup the bullet blender somewhere with space to handle it.

Step 2: Decouple the bullet cup or jar from the base.

Step 3: Check if the blades are removable, if yes, then remove the blade from the jar. If you do not know, then pick your user manual, it should direct you on how to remove the blade.

Step 4: Once the blades are removed, you need to soak the blades in a solution of warm water and cleaning liquid.

Step 5: Now, in another utensil or bowl mix some lukewarm water and dish wash soap. Soak a sponge or clean cloth in this solution.

Step 6: With this sponge or cloth, you need to wipe clean the exterior and interior of the bullet jar. Remember, if the residue or stains are not coming off, use vinegar or lemon juice with the cleaning solution. If it still doesn’t come off, then you need to soak the bullet jar in lukewarm water for 15-minutes.

Step 7: After you have wiped the bullet jar clean, you could rinse the jar with clean tap water. Repeat the rinsing two or three times.

Step 8: Now, pick the blade soaked in the solution. With a toothbrush or small/narrow cleaning brush, you need to scrub the blades to remove the stains and residues.

Step 9: Once you have completed cleaning both the blade and bullet jar, you need to assemble it. Before assembling, you need to use a dry cloth or tissue to wipe and dry both blade and jar.

Step 10: Now, you need to use another cloth soak it in lukewarm water, then wipe clean the base of the bullet blender.

Step 11: Remember, the base should be cleaned carefully, the cloth should not be too wet, no water droplets should enter the housing.

Step 12: After cleaning the base of the bullet blender, you need to use a dry tissue or cloth wipe to dry the base.

Suppose, if your bullet blender does not come with removable blades, then you do not have to worry. You should just fill the bullet jar with lukewarm water, vinegar, and cleaning liquid. Then blend it for 2-minutes continuously, then check if the blades are clean, if not, then blend it again. After blending follow the steps mentioned above.

Caring a bullet blender –

  1. Bullet blenders are engineered and designed for specific blending functions. First, find out what those blending functions and use the blender for only those functions. Remember, you need to find out what the blender should not be used for.
  2. Bullet blender should be cleaned after each use. Do not leave or store the bullet blender without cleaning it after use. No matter how small the blending function was, you need to clean it.
  3. Never run the bullet blender for more than 2-minutes continuously. Give at least a 2-minute break between every 2-minute use.
  4. Store the bullet blender away from the water source

Bullet Blender Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you put Ice in Bullet Blender?

Yes, you can easily blend ice in a bullet blender. It will turn the ice into fine shavings that can be used in making desserts or a cone. A lot of people crush ice in the bullet blender. You do not have to worry about the damage to the blade if you are buying something of good quality. It is still better to check if your blender supports ice, but the maximum models can easily crush the ice. You will surely get a fine texture, and your kids are also going to love the result. So, go ahead and crush the ice without any worries.

  • How to maintain the Bullet Blender properly?

Maintaining the bullet blender is relatively easy. You can start by unplugging the bullet blender and removing the bullet jar. Now, remove the blade and the cap. Start by rinsing the blades with hand. Use mild soap to clean it. Dry it immediately and store it. Now, wash the cup with a brush and liquid soap. You are all good to go. Occasionally, you can also oil the rotating assembly of the blade setup. Oiling will ensure that the blade remains smooth, and it doesn’t rust. Lastly, ensure that you dry the blades properly to avoid any rusting.

  • My bullet blender is not starting or stopping. Can you help?

All types of bullet blenders come with activators on the top. The jar or the blade assembly has latches that press those activators to turn on the motor. If your blender is not starting, then check for the activators and the latches on the blade assembly. They should be intact, and the activators should be pressing. If your blender is not stopping, then unplug the blender and check if the activators are depressed. If it is in a depressed position, try and lift them. This should solve the problem. Also, do not attempt any repairs when the blender is plugged in. Keep your hands away from the moving parts.

  • Can a Bullet Blender be repaired?

Bullet blenders come with a warranty policy. If your blender is still under warranty, then you must contact the brand. They will repair or change your bullet blender. You may even get a refurbished bullet blender when you reach out to the brand. If your blender is out of warranty, you can attempt a self-repair if you have any experience. If not, the best bet would be to contact private agencies that repair appliances.

  • Is it safe to put frozen fruits in Bullet Blender?

The answer depends on the power and quality of the bullet blender. The blender jar should be made of good quality, and it should not break with the frozen food. In addition to this, the blender should be powerful enough to blend the frozen fruits. For this, you need to buy heavy duty bullet blenders. If your manufacturer doesn’t suggest blending frozen fruits, you might want to soften them a little, or you can even crush them after leaving them out of the freezer for some time. It is also advisable to cut the fruits in smaller parts before blending them.

Bottom Line

In the end, I will only suggest you purchase the bullet blender after you are done reading the buying guide. The buying guide will also help you choose appliances from other places and sites if you do not like any product from this list. Also, be aware of the quality because if you don’t check it well, you might receive fake and less-qualitative products at your doorstep. I have tried to add a variety of bullet blenders in my list. They are all super-effective and long-lasting.

I also took my time to research well and have experience in each product separately. I hope that you liked whatever I have put on this list.


Affiliate links are used for each product that I am an affiliate of, which means that if you click that link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you.

This product list contains affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase.

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