10 Best Blender Under $200 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Last updated on June 14th, 2023 at 07:10 am

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Blenders are the most valuable kitchen appliance that can be more useful when it comes to food preparation, making delicious smoothies and shakes. Some powerful and more versatile blenders also support the crushing and chopping tasks. But when it comes to buying the right type of blender for the kitchen, most people outperform in this case. It mainly happens because there are dozens of blender options present in the market. And these options are enough to confuse any average person who doesn’t know what to look for exactly.

There are many things that you should consider before making the final purchase decision related to blenders. Like what type of blender you want, what purpose you want to use it for, how often you want to use it, what your budget is, and so on. Well, because you are a reader of this post, that’s why you don’t need to go through every single blender option, not at all. It’s because we did something special for you; actually, we are going to list ten best buy blenders below 200 dollar amount. Check our recent list for lower budget blender under $50 and $100.


Affiliate links are used for each product that I am an affiliate of, which means that if you click that link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you.

Best Buy Blender Below 200$ Reviews

Now you don’t need to look at every single option related to blender because we did this already for you. And we end up with these ten best blender options that you can consider to buy because these are the best ones currently in the market. So, let’s go through all these ten best rated blenders under $200 in 2021, and find out which one is perfect for your needs.

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

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Ninja is one of the most popular and reliable blender brands in the market if you want to buy a blender. If you already did a bit of research to buy the right type of blender according to your needs, then it seems impossible that you haven’t heard about this particular brand name. The Ninja brand is running several blenders and mixers, and the BL770 is one of the most selling and popular blenders. You can get a firm idea about the popularity of this BL770 model number of blender by Ninja by just taking a look at the ratings that it got on online stores. Going forward to the feature section of this blender, we want to mention the motor power that it has. According to manufacturers, they have provided a 1500 watt power of the primary motor.

You can use this kitchen appliance as three machines; you can use it as a food processor, blender, and a mini blender for smoothies. This thing is possible only because it comes with three main jars or containers for multiple blending tasks. The first one is a 72 oz of crushing pitcher, one is a 64 oz of food processing bowl, and the last is a 16 oz of blending cup that you can use to make smoothies and shakes. And because every jar or bowl is build-up with BPA free material, you don’t need to worry about the food contamination issues. On the front side of this blender, you will find a control panel from which you can adjust the preset manual programs according to your needs.

2. KitchenAid Diamond Vortex KSB1575 Blender

KitchenAid Diamond 5-speed Blender

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KitchenAid is another globally famous brand name for their fantastic kitchen appliance that they offer at the value for money price points. So, if you are willing to spend your money to buy a reliable brand name of the blender or any other kitchen appliance, then do make sure to consider the KitchenAid brand as well. On the second spot of this list, we have added the KitchenAid Diamond Vortex KSB1575 Blender. The price point of this blender is way less than a budget of 200 dollars, and in our opinion, this is the main reason behind the higher popularity of this blender and the higher ratings it got on online stores. Now let’s talk about the feature that this model of blender by KitchenAid is offering to you. First of all, this blender comes with 550 watts of primary motor that can decently perform simple blending tasks. The overall design of this blender is also very compact, that’s why you can easily store it in less space in your kitchen.

However, there are not many attachments or accessories that come with this blender option, but it is still a value for the money type of blender. There is one 60 oz of the main blending container that comes out of the box. Some additional functionality of this jar/main blending container, such as printed measurements and the detachable lid, can make your experience quite convenient. On the front side of this blender, you will get five different modes that you can easily change within one touch. Basically, these are the preset programs made particularly for various blending tasks so that you can choose any of them as per your requirements. If you don’t like the base color of this blender, don’t worry because the manufacturers have listed more than 25 color options, and you can choose them according to your color preferences.

3. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Cleanblend Commercial Blender

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If you want to invest your money to buy something straightforward to use but must come with a powerful motor, it can be an excellent option. On the third spot of this list, we have the Cleanblend Commercial Blender. This particular blender comes with a simple and easy to use type design; you can get familiar with this blender within a few uses. But do not judge this blender on behalf of its simplicity because this single kitchen appliance can replace up to nine kitchen appliances because it can efficiently perform various blending tasks. You can use it for smoothies, shakes, food preparation, sauces, dips, purees, and so on. This machine can perform these tasks because the primary jar or cup of this blender comes with considerable capacity and a multipoint blade. First, considering the jar, so it is a transparent plastic built jar, but don’t worry, it is a BPA free plastic material. This jar’s capacity is also pretty impressive; it’s because it comes with up to 64 oz of capacity.

Going down to the blade section that it comes with, so it is a multipoint blade. This one is the four-point blade, that can perform pretty well if we use it to blend, chop, and crush like routine kitchen tasks. Other than the only blade, there is one more thing that plays a massive role in making this blender versatile for various kitchen blending, chopping, and crushing tasks. Yes, you got it right, here we are trying to address the importance of primary spinning motors. Thankfully, this model number of blender comes with 1800 watts of a powerful motor. If you want to control this motor’s speed according to the blending work you are doing with it, you can do it by simply rotating the controller, which is present on the front side of the blender.

4. Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender

Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender

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There are many stylish blenders present at this price point, but there is something different and amazing about this one. It is Breville’s most stylish and attractive looking blender, and if you are willing to spend your money on something useful but sturdy as well, then this one can be the right choice for you. First of all, let’s focus on the design section, so here you are getting the shiny finishing of the blender. But still, the overall size of this blender is not that big; therefore, you can store this blender in very less space. Going down to the blender tasks of this blender, the manufacturers have provided a high torque of the motor, which is power efficient. And if you don’t want that your desired blender makes too much noise while blending something with it, in this case, this Breville BBL620 model number of blender is very silent to complete all the blending tasks.

The primary container’s capacity is also pretty decent; however, it comes with a unique design approach. Basically, the manufacturers have provided a different design of opening and closing lid, that you can pull with ring type of round shape design. Talking about the front control panel that the manufacturers have provided on the front side of this blender, on this panel, you will find a few buttons, where two buttons are for normal on and off purposes, where some other are the preset program’s buttons. Not only this, but there are five different buttons present that are specifically present to change the motor speed. You can change the speed with the help of these one-touch buttons, and to monitoring the exact speed of the motor, there is an LCD also present on that panel.

5. Blendtec Classic Fit Blender

Blendtec Classic Fit Blender

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Now we are on the fifth spot of this list, and here we have decided to add the Blendtec Classic Fit Blender. If you want to buy a sturdy and powerful type of blending machine, then make sure to consider this one to buy. We are saying this because the build quality of this blender is very sturdy because the manufacturers have used hard plastic and metal materials to build this blender. For better power, the Blendtec manufacturers have provided high power of 1560 watts of the primary motor. It means you can expect better blending, crushing, and chopping performance from this particular blender model. There is one more functionality section present that we have to talk about here, yes we are talking about the blades that it comes with. The primary blade comes with a considerable thickness than others; however, the manufacturers claim that they have provided the blade’s stainless steel material. It means this blade material won’t react with food items such as alkaline and acidic food.

Talking about the jar that this Blendtec Classic Fit Blender comes with, it is a 32 oz blending capacity of jar. The best part is that it is a four-sided jar, and there are the measurements present on it. The best thing that we liked the most about this jar is that it has the crystal clear glass material, and you don’t need to worry about the food contamination issue. It’s because this crystal clear glass material is a BPA Free material. And the smooth surface of this jar also helps you clean it easily without extra effort while cleaning. The blender experience with this blender will be very stable because the base of this blender is very comprehensive and broader, which doesn’t allow it to shake too much while blending something.

6. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

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If budget is a concern then definitely you go with an option that can serve or offer fantastic functionality and features at a lower price point, well, if this is the case then no other blender can serve better than this one. On the sixth spot of this list, we have added the Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender. It is the most higher-rated blender of this post; we are saying this because more than seven thousand people rated it with higher star ratings. Yeah, of course, it is the basic blender model by Ninja manufacturers, but believe it or not, it can serve dramatically well in terms of all routine blending tasks. According to the manufacturers, you can do multiple tasks with this blender, such as crushing, blending, and chopping because there are numerous jars/bowls and multiple blade attachments present.

The primary smoothie or shake preparing container has up to 72 oz capacity, which seems impressive because you can prepare more than eight cups of shakes and smoothies. Better grinding means something is powering it up, here we want to address the power of the primary motor, so here you will get a decently powerful motor that works on 1100 watts electricity consumption. In our opinion, you won’t be going to feel anything less because it can easily help you with almost all the blending tasks, but keep in mind this is not suitable for the grinding and hard crushing tasks. But you can easily control the speed according to your needs; there are a total of three-speed levels present of the primary motor. Talking about the attachments and the accessories that come out of the box, so there are a total of three main jars, and two blade attachments come out of the box.

7. Oster Versa Blender

Oster Versa Blender

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Under this type of budget, there are not many manufacturers providing the combo of stylish design, high power motor, and excellent build quality. But in case if you want to buy a blender that must have a good looking design, high power motor, and excellent build quality, then do make sure to take a look at this particular option. Here on the seventh spot of this list, we have added the Oster Versa Blender, which has everything that you can expect from a blender at this price point. First, let’s talk about the build quality that you are getting in this blending machine. So, the Oster manufacturers have provided excellent quality plastic and metal material, therefore, this becomes a sturdy type of blender that will last for years.

Moving forward to the power section of this blender, you are getting the 1400 watts consumption of the powerful motor. In our opinion, this seems a great deal because most manufacturers are only offering around 1000 watts of less power of the motor. But if you want more power full motor, then do make sure to check out this particular option of this list. Now let’s take a look at what else you are getting out of the box with this blending machine. When the package arrives at your home, you will find out that only a few items are present out of the box, like one jar, the central unit, and a lid with a temper accessory. In our suggestion, it is okay if you are not getting too many accessories because it is not a premium segment of the blender; that’s why in our opinion, it seems the right deal for all customers.

8. NutriBullet PRIME Edition Blender

NutriBullet PRIME Edition Blender

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If you don’t want to deal with the bulky and heavy blenders, and your primary motive is to prepare the smoothies and different shakes multiple times in a day, you should try this particular model of the blender. On the eighth spot of this list, we have decided to put the NutriBullet PRIME Edition Blender in front of all the readers of this post. Before going forward to the functionality and the feature section of this blender, we first want to clarify that it is a blending machine mainly available for routine blending tasks such as making smoothies and different shakes. In other words, you can’t expect great performance from it when it comes to performing other tasks such as crushing and chopping. However, the price of this blender is also not that high; you can easily buy it in less than 150 bucks only.

Talking about its design and built quality is a very compact or small size of a bullet blender, which is perfect for routine blending tasks. But the best part is that you don’t need to worry about the space problem in your kitchen because it won’t take too much space. Considering the build quality, we found that the overall material type and quality of the material are very great, they don’t look cheap. For powering this blender, the manufacturers have put the 1000 watts of the decently powerful primary motor. Therefore, you won’t feel anything less while using this blender to make or prepare smoothies, different shakes, and even it will be helpful to crush ice as well.

9. Hamilton Beach Professional Blender

Hamilton Beach Professional Blender

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As mentioned in the previous spot of the blender’s description, you can buy it in less than 150 bucks, but the problem is that a particular model of the blender wasn’t offering enough power to perform hard blending tasks. And the power is the main concern for you, and if you don’t want to compromise in the power section of a blender, you should go with this option. So, on the ninth spot of this list, we came up with the Hamilton Beach Professional Blender. And guess what, you can buy this particular professional blender model in less than 150 bucks of price. Let’s take a look at the features of this blender one by one. First of all, it comes with 1500 watts of a highly powerful motor that can perform daily well in almost all the household kitchen blending tasks.

If you want a bit variety in the power section of this blender, don’t worry because the manufacturers have already listed three different variants of this professional blender. Not only this, but there are a total of four different preset programs also present in this blender that you can choose accordingly. However, the speed of the blades can go up to 18000 RPM, but the best part is that you can control the speed of the primary blade up to ten different speed levels. The design of this blender looks a bit boxy at first glance, but it also provides maximum possible stability to the blender.

10. Homgeek Smoothie Blender

Homgeek Smoothie Blender

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Finally, we are on the last spot of this list, but don’t worry; here we have another value for money type of blender for you again. This time we have decided to introduce the home geek Smoothie Blender. At first glance, this blender may seem like a proper mixer grinder, but believe it or not, it is a highly powerful blender. This blending machine looks like a typical grinder because of its broader and bulky looking base. However, if your budget is way less than 200 dollars, this one can offer more value than the price. We are going to take a look at every single feature of this blender and conclude: is it worth the price or not?

First thing first, it has the 1450 watts of a powerful motor that can rotate the primary blade way faster than other blenders. The manufacturers claim that the primary rotatory blade can reach up to 30000 RPM of speed. For better control of the blade speed, the manufacturers have already provided a controller that you can use to control the speed with ten different speed levels. Talking about the accessories, you will get one first jar or cup with a detachable lid, and one more tamper accessory also comes out of the box.

How To Use Blender Properly?

You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a blender only when you know the right way to use it. It can be a tough job for those who are using it for the first time. So, if you have no idea about how to use a blender in the right, then just continue reading the article for more information on it:

  • The first step is to connect the blender to the socket. Before doing that, you will have to make sure that you have your hands clean and dry. This is an electrical appliance any kind of wetness can cause you or the appliance. 
  • You should now open the blender’s lid and start adding the ingredients that you wish to blend in the blender. It is good to add a little milk or water to the jar to move the ingredients easily. You should always avoid any hot ingredients in the blender. 
  • Always keep the lid closed during the blending process. Some blenders can add ingredients to the blender while it is still blending, but that is not a good idea as that can splash the ingredients outside. 
  • Once you are done adding the ingredients and closing the lid properly, you will have to switch on the blender. When you start it, you should not go to the highest speed at the first go. You should start with the low speed and then move to high. While it is running, you can simply add ingredients to it if required, but do not put any utensils into it. 
  • When the blending process is done, you should open the lid very carefully and then pour the liquids into a bowl. You can now drink the smoothie or drink that you made using the blender. 
  • The next step is cleaning the blender when you are done using it. You should be very careful about cleaning it every single time after using the blender. But make sure that you are not making any scratches on it. 

So, this was the simple and best way to use the blender. You need to remember that you are not adding too many ingredients or filling up the blender too much. You just have to make sure that there is a little water or other liquids to blend it in the right way. Follow these simple steps, and your blender will last for a very long time. 


We know how hard it is to choose the right type of blender for daily kitchen use because, for this, you have to look at several things. And if you are feeling tired of rubbing your finger on your smartphone’s screen to get some relatable suggestions related to best blenders, don’t worry because this whole in-detailed post was all about you.

We are very confident here because we have listed ten best blender under $200 in 2021 after attempting groundbreaking research.


Affiliate links are used for each product that I am an affiliate of, which means that if you click that link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you.

This product list contains affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase.

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