10 Common Blender Problems & Their Fixes

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Having a countertop blender at home is a great help! However, like any other electrical appliance, a blender also creates a few problems during its lifetime. People who are not too aware of the technical problems find it too challenging to figure out. We are here to find a solution to all your blender problems.

Depending upon which kind of problem your blender is facing, we have prepared a list of the ten most common blender problems.

Also, we will guide you about the severity of that problem. We will further tell if you can fix it up at home or not. Let us look at the ten common blender problems & their fixes:

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1. Blender has stopped running:

It is one of the most common problems reported by many households. When you turn on the blender, it would not at all start or stop running after a few rotations. This problem is usually seen in blenders which are being used for several years. In such a situation, some of the other part which helps in the blender machinery has broken. It could either be a motor, brushes, buttons, transmission gears, thermal relay problems, or power cord fuse. If you have enough technical knowledge, check it by yourself. Otherwise, don’t risk your life call for technical help.

2. The blade isn’t rotating, but the engine runs:

The transmission gear is the primary element that helps in the rotation of blender blades. This gear might come in various materials. Nowadays, most of the blenders use plastic transmission gear. It is not as adherent in contrast to the authentic ones. Therefore, to troubleshoot this problem, you have to change the rear seat. Alternatively, try checking the drive stud. If it is loose, you can tighten it. Also, make sure to check the blender blades. It should be clean and well lubricated to function adequately.

3. The millstone is broken/cracked:

A broken mill can make your home dirty in any minute. Therefore, never try to use a blender with cracked millstone. It will make you repent like anything. Try buying a new one or repairing it, if it is possible. The causes of broken millstone are always noticeable. It could be an accidental drop or bang in the wall. The broken jar can put users in danger. While blending chilly or tangy ingredients, if the blender jar splashes out the ingredients, it can get into your eyes and irritate them.

4. Facing problem to adjust blender switch:

If you are facing a problem to adjust the blender switch, we recommend you to check the manual provided by your manufacturer. Otherwise, make sure you check for any fault in the base, switch, motor, sensor, and other parts. If any signs of damage are suspected, call for technical help. If you are overusing your blender without repair for since long time, there is a high chance that it could be due to sticking or oxidization of the buttons.

5. Blender gets disconnected when its turned on:

When the blender runs for a while and disconnects after a while; you have to suspect different causes. It can be due to faults in various parts of the blender. For example: it could be the overheating of the engine, overloading of the jar, flickering of power switch, or any type of fluctuation in the main power supply. The disconnection of the blender even after turning it on is a protective process. It helps in cooling down the machine by prevention of overheating due to the above-mentioned causes.

6. A burning smell comes whenever I turn it on:

It is quite a common problem in the blender. Almost all the people using blenders have experienced this problem once in life. For an electrical burning smell, you should suspect a problem in gasket, sealing rings, o rings, blades, and couplers. You would either need to repair these parts. If the technician advises to replace these parts, make sure you do it for the long-lasting life of your blender.

7. The blender jar is leaking:

Another most common problem while using a kitchen blender is the leakiness. No one likes to use a blender that leaks away all the liquid. It happens when you prepare something flowy. It is not ideal working in the terror of a blender splashing your ingredient right on your face. Therefore, troubleshooting the problem is the best idea. Most often, the problem lies in the seal or gasket provided in the blade or jar. It can either be torn or damaged. Make sure you also check the base of the blender jar to eliminate another suspicion.

8. The blender runs intermittently:

If your blender is facing a problem to run consistently at one speed, make sure to check your electrical connection first. If the power is fluctuating, we recommend you to stop using the blender right away. Otherwise, it can lead to more damage to the appliance. The problem may lie in the wire connection or motor of the blender. If any problem is suspected, do not neglect. Repair it ASAP for the proper functioning of your blender.

9. Squealing sound on operating the blender:

Even if you have bought a blender that runs smoothly, if you are hearing some squealing or vibrating sound, suspect an issue. Most of the new generation blenders have a noiseless operation. The noisy blender indicates a problem in the motor, blade, or coupler of the blender. Investigate these parts, and refer to your manufacturer’s manual for more information.

10. The motor is getting excessive sparks:

It is extremely dangerous to have a kitchen appliance that has sparks coming out of it. It can not only endanger your life but also involve the people working nearby you. The damage to the motor base is one of the potential causes of excessive sparks. The jar assembly could also be a reason behind it. Whatever be the cause, we recommend you to treat it as soon as possible.


We hope that you could figure out the reason behind your common blender problems. Fix it as soon as possible to enjoy its delicious benefits! Thanks for reading!


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